High Pressure Science Solutions

Almax easyLab is the world leader in manufacturing of high pressure tools and solutions for scientific research, including:

• Diamond anvils and diamond anvil cells for optical spectroscopies, x-ray, magnetic and transport measurements at pressures up to above 100 GPa.
• Piston-cylinder clamp cells for magnetic and transport studies at pressures up to 3 GPa.
• Electro-discharge machine (spark eroder) for sample space preparation in diamond anvil cells.
• Optical equipment for pressure measurements based on ruby fluorescence.
• Specialised innovative diamond anvils (such as Boehler-Almax anvils) and windows.
• Cryostats with integrated diamond anvil cell for turn-key high pressure experiments at low temperatures.
• Spares and accessories for high pressure research, including our ecommerce website: www.diamondANVILS.com.

Latest news:

January 2017: Now available from Almax easyLab: type IIas diamond anvils, for infrared and/or very demanding Raman spectroscopy.

September 2016: The Optiprexx High Pressure Manager is here.  Control and calibrate the pressure in a gas membrane DAC at the touch of a button.

April 2016: Patterned diamond anvils are now available from Almax easyLab. We are delighted to offer diamond anvils with deposited gold patterns for electrical transport measurements in a DAC.

March 2016: The next generation of diamond anvil cells is here: Diacell® ChicagoDAC - an efficient and compact bellows-driven diamond anvil cell for high-pressure, low-temperature transport measurements.