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NPD diamond anvils

NPD diamond anvils for your HP EXAFS experiments

The well-known Nano Polycrystalline Diamond anvils are now also available from Almax easyLab, be it only in mini version. NPD diamond anvils of 1.30 mm diameter and maximum 0.60 mm thick have been supplied by Almax easyLab to different customers. These NPD diamond anvils have a proven track record for HP extended x-ray-absorption fine-structure measurements as they avoid glitches in your spectra.


NPD – Boehler-Almax design
Drawing Product
1.35 1.00 S1
Ib diamond capsules
Examples of typical requests for quote:
Diamond anvil, NPD, Boehler-Almax design, diameter 1.35 mm, total height of 0.60 mm, culet 0.30 mm, bottom angle 29,75°, Htc=0.30+0+0.30, T=1.00 mm, [S1]