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Almax PCD

Almax PCD is wear resistant, heat resistant and electrically conductive polycrystalline diamond. With its’ Silicon binder, it has been developed to have a gain in signal for neutron measurements. The absorption lengths are much lower than PCD material with Cobalt binder.

Almax PCD cubes with truncated corners have been used in multi-anvil presses and Almax PCD toroidal anvils were mounted in large anvil presses. Almax PCD has also found applications as shielding material (for high energy electron attenuation) or as seats for DACs.

Almax PCD is EDM cuttable and available in maximum size of 38 mm diameter by 26 mm height.
We can supply you PCD cylinders or cubes with truncated corners according to your drawing.

- 80%-90% of 10 µm diamond content with Silicon binder.
- Maximum 38 mm diameter by 26 mm height.
- EDM cuttable

Technical Specifications

 Diamond content  80%-90%
 Binder content  Silicon and other ceramic with no Cobalt
 Diamond grains size (microns)  10
 Electric conductivit (EDM cuttable)  EDM cutting, shaping easy and available
 Thermal Stability  1,200 °C
 Wear resistance (x10 000)  8-10
 Hardness (Mohs)  10
 Density (g/cm³)  3.65-3.70
 Stiffness (GPa)  850-1,000
 Heat transfer (W/mK)  400-450
 Max size (mm)  ∅ 38 x 26

We can supply you Almax PCD cylinders, cubes with truncated corners, cones and drilled holes in Almax PCD according to your drawing.

Examples of typical requests for quote:

PCD diamond anvil, standard design, ground conical, diameter 10.00 mm, culet of 1.50 mm, total height 6.00 mm, perforated from the table side, diameter of end of perforation 0.50 mmaperture of 16° degrees:

Quantity: 4 anvils.

PCD diamond cube, 14.00 mm, tolerance: +0.02/-0.00 mm on edge length, 1.5 mm (truncated edge length) on one corner only, tolerance +0.05/-0.00 mm on the truncation:

Quantity: 6 cubes.