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Diacell® PanoramicDAC

Diamond Anvil Cell for Brillouin, NRIXS, NFS and other experimental techniques.

Product Description

The Diacell® PanoramicDAC is a diamond anvil cell suitable for many applications such as Mossbauer, Raman and Brillouin spectroscopies, nuclear resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (NRIXS), nuclear forward scattering (NFS) techniques amongst others.

This cell enables measurements both via its three large azimuthal openings (through gasket) or the conventional axial conical apertures (through diamond anvils).

High pressures are generated by the original gas membrane driven design from Diacell®.  However, this cell can also be operated manually via its clamping screws.


Cell Material Maraging Steel
Anvil Support Plate Tungsten Carbide
Pressure Mechanism Gas membrane drive or Screw
Maximum Pressure 100 GPa
Temperature Range Room Temperature
Top Angle Optical: conical 18º
Bottom Angle Optical: conical 62º
Azimuthal Ports (3) 105° (azimuthal) by 67° (axial)
Heating N/A
Cooling N/A
DAC Diameter 59 mm
DAC Height 76 mm
Working Distance to Sample 19 mm
Numerical Aperture 0.50
Interfacing Solution TBC

Maximum pressure is dependent upon the culet size of the anvils.
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Specifications may change without notice.
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100 GPa
Room Temperature

Diacell® PanoramicDAC