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Boehler microDriller

Advanced EDM system for precision drilling

Product Description


The Boehler μDriller is a fully-automated electro-discharge-machine (EDM) system that enables the drilling of precision holes in any conductive material. Drilling diameters range from 0.05mm up to 1mm (or more on request). 

This system is equipped with an innovative high-precision motorised drilling head resulting in an exceptional centring accuracy of 0.005mm or better.  The drilling process is particularly clean and swift allowing batch drilling that only requires minutes of work whilst keeping a very high drilling yield rates.

The drilling tips of the Boehler μDriller are made of very hard WC and are easily interchangeable.  This in turn enables the end-user to select various different diameters of drilling.  Contrary to other available drilling systems in the market, the interchanging of the drilling tips in the Boehler μDriller does not require any particular skills or additional tools and can be done literally in seconds.

The Boehler μDriller is equipped with a high magnification observation microscope (x63) enabling high accuracy positioning of the gasket giving high accuracy of drilling. 

The system comes with its own electronic control unit for simple and intuitive adjustment of the various drilling parameters.  Through its front panel, the control unit allows the end-user to set automatic drilling mode in which the Boehler μDriller controls all the necessary drilling process.  Alternatively a completely manual drilling control in which all parameters can be set individually is also possible.

Advanced features such as the inversion of the drilling polarity, setting and monitoring of actual drilling depth are standard features of the Boehler μDriller.  For example, the inversion of polarity enables the reshaping of drilling electrodes in a matter of seconds.   The setting of an exact drilling depth is particularly useful for advanced high pressure applications in which a gasket blank does not need to be drilled through but only up to a certain depth.



The Boehler μDriller is the ideal system for drilling of holes in any conductive gasket blanks of various thickness (Steel, Rhenium, Inconel, BeCu,…).  It can drill holes of diameters ranging from 0.05 mm to 1 mm (larger diameter available on request) in all gasket materials supplied by Almax easyLab (see our range of gaskets available in our Customer Support/Spares & Accessories section).

A full review of this product by Prof. Christine Kuntscher (University of Augsburg) can be found here.


Drilling Diameter 0.05 mm to 1 mm (larger sizes available upon request)
Drilling Accuracy 0.005 mm
Drilling Speed 0.001-0.02 mm/s (depending on material and settings)
Drilling Tips WC Electrodes
Drilling Parameters Depth, Position, Set Position, ED Voltage, Pulse Energy, Total Power, Polarity
Drilling Polarity Negative and Positive
Drilling Head Motorised as standard
Power Supply 110-240 V (adjustable)
Overall Dimensions 250 mm x 200 mm x 350 mm
Total Weight 5 kg

The Boehler μDriller has been developed by Prof. R. Boehler and Dr F. Helleis and is sold under exclusive rights by Almax easyLab Ltd.
Almax easyLab is committed to its policy of continuous improvement.
Specifications may change without notice.
easyLab and Diacell are registered trademarks of Almax easyLab Ltd.



1 GPa | 10 GPa | 100 GPa | 3.0 GPa | 30 GPa | 50 GPa
Room Temperature

Boehler microDriller