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Diacell® μScopeDAC-HT(S)

Screw-Driven High-Temp. Microscope Cell
Part of the Diacell μScopeDAC series

[Formerly MMC–HT Manual Microscope Cell]

Product Description

This versatile, manually-driven, high-temperature, diamond anvil cell, meets the growing need to reach very high pressures and be compatible with the optical and physical constraints of microscopes.  Temperatures up to above 600oC and pressures up to above 50 GPa are achievable.

The Diacell® μScopeDAC-HT(S) is just 25 mm thick along the optical axis and is symmetrical about the sample.  Thus, the physical distance from the objective to the sample between the diamond anvils is just 12 mm.  This makes the Diacell μScopeDAC-HT(S) compatible with most, if not all, commercial Raman and FTIR systems



A large and increasing percentage of optical and spectroscopic observations is now made using microscopes. In particular, Raman instruments are commonly sold with integral microscopes to enable efficient scattered light collection, as well as to permit Raman mapping of complex samples. Similarly, FTIR spectrometers are often supplied with reflecting (Cassegrain) microscopes. The Diacell® μScopeDAC-HT(S) is ideal for such applications.


Cell Material Stainless Steel
Anvil Support Plate Tungsten Carbide
Pressure Mechanism (S) Screw driven (LH/RH bolts)
Maximum Pressure 50 GPa
Temperature Range High Temperatures (up to 600°C)
Top Angle – X ray Optical: Conical 52°
Bottom Angle – X ray Optical: Conical 52°
Lateral Access N/A
Heating Internal ring heater
Cooling Water cooled
DAC Diameter 60 mm
DAC Height 25 mm
Working Distance to Sample 12 mm
Numerical Aperture 0.44
Interfacing Solution N/A

Maximum pressure is dependent upon the culet size of the anvils.
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Diacell® μScopeDAC-HT(S)