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Diacell® CF-DAC System

Continuous flow cryostat with integrated Diacell® CryoDAC-LT diamond anvil cell.

This low temperature and high pressure system combines Almax easyLab's continuous flow cryostat capable of reaching temperatures as low as 2.5K and a miniature diamond anvil cell, the Diacell® CryoDAC-LT which is ideal for work up to about 20-30 GPa.

A continuous flow cryostat works on the principle that liquid cryogen (this can be helium or nitrogen) is transferred from a separate vessel and circulated through a transfer tube to the heat exchanger of the cryostat.  The cryogen flow is regulated by a needle valve on the transfer tube.

Precise temperature control is achieved by using a temperature controller to drive a heater located near the sample. The temperature close to the sample is measured by employing a standard rhodium iron sensor, also connected to the controller.

The CF-DAC system has excellent optical access. Five sets of windows (four radial and one axial at the bottom) are supplied as standard. Each window set includes three windows (inner, radiation and outer).  All windows are demountable and may be exchanged at any time.  The standard system is supplied with fused silica windows.

Cooldown time is of the order of 40 mins and the liquid helium consumption is about 1.5 litres.  Samples can be changed with the cryostat cold enabling rapid sample exchanges.  The typical helium consumption of the system at 4.2K is approximately 500 cc/hr.


Cryostat Continuous Flow
Temperature Range using liquid helium 3.4 to 300 K with GF pump
2.5 to 300 K with rotary
Temperature Range using liquid nitrogen 77 to 300 K
Cool down time Approx 40 mins
Diamond Anvil Cell Diacell® CryoDAC-LT
Pressure Mechanism Screw-drive;hydraulic ram
Maximum Pressure 20 GPa
DAC Top Angle 16º along vertical axis
DAC Bottom Angle 44º along vertical axis
Cooling Via CF cryostat
DAC Diameter 19 mm
DAC Height 27 mm
DAC working distance to sample 8 mm

Maximum pressure is dependent upon the culet size of the anvils.
Almax easyLab is committed to its policy of continuous improvement.
Specifications may change without notice.
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Diacell® CF-DAC System