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Diacell® CryoDAC-Nitro

Gas Membrane-Driven Cell for Low-Temp. Applications
Part of the cryoDAC series

[Formerly Cryocell]

Product Description

The Diacell® cryoDAC-Nitro was designed to fit into many other cryostats of bath, top-loading, and closed-cycle types.  It is supplied complete with a customised chrome-plated copper mounting block.  The gas membrane mechanism drives the cell and may be pressurised by any permanent gas.  For low temperature use, however, helium is recommended.   As the temperature is lowered from room temperature, helium gas contracts rapidly but may still be used to drive a membrane.  The GM Controller is fitted with a relief valve to protect against possible loss of coolant.  The CryoDAC-Nitro is especially suitable for use with liquid nitrogen cryostats.

One of the problems with cryogenic use of DACs is that the diamond anvils fall off quite easily if they are fixed in with epoxy resins and other glues. Therefore Almax easyLab uses a design unique to Diacell. The diamonds are supplied in force-fitted metal rings that are fixed mechanically to the tungsten carbide supporting plates, making the assembly robust at low temperature.

This cell is 29 mm from front to back (excluding the inlet tubes). The body is 34 mm diameter, and the membrane retaining ring 38 mm diameter. The Diacell® CryoDAC-Nitro membrane is driven with use of the Diacell® GM Controller which contains also a silicon-based pressure sensor and a digital pressure display.  Everything needed (valves, lines and couplings) is supplied with the unit, with the exception of the gas cylinder and its regulator head (for helium use a high-pressure reduction head is recommended).

Note: If the diamond anvil cell is to be used a low temperature, a low temperature relief valve will need to be fitted on the gas line. This low temperature relief is available from Almax easyLab alongside our GM or iGM controllers option.


The Diacell® CryoDAC-Nitro is particularly suitable for optical measurements within liquid nitrogen cryostats.


Cell Material Beryllium Copper
Anvil Support Plate Beryllium Copper
Pressure Mechanism Gas Membrane
Maximum Pressure 50 GPa
Temperature Range Low Temperatures
Top Angle Optical: Conical 52°
Bottom Angle Optical: Conical 52°
Lateral Access 12° of 2θ is accessible
Heating N/A
Cooling Via Cryostat
DAC Diameter 38 mm
DAC Height 29 mm
Working Distance to Sample 11 mm
Numerical Aperture 0.44
Interfacing Solution TBC

Maximum pressure is dependent upon the culet size of the anvils.
Almax easyLab is committed to its policy of continuous improvement.
Specifications may change without notice.
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Diacell® CryoDAC-Nitro