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Diacell® GM Controller

Control Unit for Diacell® Gas Membrane-Driven DACs

The Diacell® GM Controller is the control unit needed for the gas-membranes of Diacell® DACs.  It contains valves, couplings, pressure measurement and digital display modules. The controller is also fitted with a quick release Swagelok coupling that allows ready disconnection of the cell from the system, without loss of gas content.  The GM Controller works off a 12 volt power supply.

GM Controller A75012

Low temperature gas membrane cells in addition require the GM Controller Relief Valve Option [A75011] for safe operation.

Almax easyLab makes extensive use of gas membranes to drive cell pistons in our Diacell® range of DACs.  A gas membrane is rather like a motor tyre with one very thin wall.  When pressurised internally, this wall bulges.

Advantages of this type of drive include the ability to apply very small incremental loads, remote operation, and the achievement of higher pressures due to absence of friction associated with bolts.  Almax easyLab are able to supply both additional gas membrane drives and control boxes, as listed below:

Gas Membrane A76010: - Drives the Bragg-(G) series, the HeliosDAC and the μScopeDAC-RT(G)

Gas Membrane A76020: - Drives the OptiDAC and OmniDAC cells.

Gas Membrane A76030: - Drives the CryoDAC-Nitro
Gas Membrane A76040: - Drives the μScopeDAC-HT(G) cells.



Diacell® GM Controller