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easyLab® easyCell 30

Pressure Cell for Electrical Measurements

The easyCell 30 is one of the new hydrostatic pressure cell modules from Almax easyLab.  It is designed to enable AC transport measurements under hydrostatic pressure up to 2.5 GPa.

The easyCell 30 provides a complete solution to study material properties under pressure, adding a new dimension to phase diagrams.

The easyLab® easyCell 30 is supplied with a purposely engineered hydraulic press system (10 ton) which greatly facilitates the loading, unloading and opening of the pressure cell.  All of the required tooling and accessories are supplied with the system, as standard. Very importantly, pre-wired electrical leads feethroughs are also provided, enabling you to focus on the measurements not the setting-up.

The easyCell can be easily interfaced to any cryogenic platform, such as dilution refrigerators, 3He or 4He systems, as well as cryocoolers.


Structure Double-walled, Cylindrical
Materials BeCu / super-alloy & WC
Maximum Pressure 2.5 GPa
Operating Temperature 0.03 - 400 K
Measurement Type AC transport
Pressure Volume 3.9 mm dia. x 7 mm length
Wiring 6 Cu twisted pairs
Manometers Manganin (300 K), Tin (4 K)
Dimensions 27 mm dia. x 96 mm length
Channel 5 mm dia.
Weight 350 g

Almax easyLab is committed to its policy of continuous improvement.
Specifications may change without notice.
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AC Transport | DC Resistivity
1 GPa | 3.0 GPa
Low Temperatures | Room Temperature | Ultra-Low Temperatures

easyLab® easyCell 30