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easyLab® Mcell Ultra

Diamond Anvil Cell for Quantum Design’s MPMS®

The miniature diamond anvil cell easyLab® Mcell Ultra builds on the success of the clamp cell easyLab® Mcell 10.  However, in contrast to the Mcell 10, the Mcell Ultra enables measurements up to much higher pressures, above 15 GPa (150 kbar).  Typically, one can expect pressures of up 20 GPa when using diamond anvils with culets of 0.50 mm.

The easyLab® Mcell Ultra has a diameter of 8.5mm and a length of 35mm and is designed to work in commercial superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) magnetometers, in particular the QD MPMS®.

Indeed, the easyLab® Mcell Ultra is supplied as a complete package. It provides end-users with all the necessary primary components of the pressure cell as well as interfacing parts to the sample rod of the MPMS®.


Cell Material High-strength Beryllium Copper
Pressure Mechanism Screw-drive
Maximum Pressure >15 GPa
Measurement Type AC Susc. & DC Magnetisation
Sensitivity 10-5 emu
Temperature Range To Ultra-low temperatures
DAC Diameter 8.5 mm
DAC Height 35 mm
Interfacing Solution Via MPMS probe
Weight 14 g

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AC Susceptibility | DC Magnetisation
1 GPa | 10 GPa
Low Temperatures | Ultra-Low Temperatures

easyLab® Mcell Ultra