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easyLab® Pcell15/30

High-Pressure Cell Module for the PPMS
The pressure cell modules for the PPMS approved, endorsed and recommended by Quantum Design.

The easyLab® Pcell 15/30 modules have been specifically engineered to enable end-users to perform AC transport measurements under high pressures up to 15/30 kbar, low temperatures and high magnetic fields.

The easyLab Pcell® 15/30 module is composed of:
- Pcell 15 or Pcell 30 hydrostratic pressure cell
- Ppress desktop mini-press hydraulic ram system (optional - see Spares & Accessories)
- Accessories and consumables
- One year warranty.

The easyLab® Pcell 15/30 High-pressure Cell Modules are supplied as complete packages. They provide end-users with all the necessary primary components of the pressure cell as well as interfacing components to the PPMS platform from Quantum Design.

Very importantly, the easyLab Pcell 15/30 modules are also supplied with the necessary consumables to enable up to 20 high-pressure measurements campaigns.


  Pcell 15 Pcell 30
Structure Single-walled, Cylindrical Double-walled, Cylindrical
Materials BeCu & WC BeCu / super-alloy & WC
Maximum Pressure 1.6 GPa 3.0 GPa
Operating Pressure 1.5 GPa 2.6 GPa
Measurement type AC transport AC transport
Pressure Volume 2.9 mm dia. x 10 mm length 2.9 mm dia. x 10 mm length
Sample Platform 6 Cu twisted pairs 6 Cu twisted pairs
Manometers Manganin (300 K), Tin (4 K) Manganin (300 K), Tin (4 K)
Dimensions 24 mm dia. x 120 mm length 24 mm dia. x 120 mm length
Channel 4 mm dia. 4 mm dia.
Weight 205 g 210

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Specifications may change without notice.
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AC Transport | DC Resistivity
1 GPa | 3.0 GPa
Low Temperatures | Room Temperature | Ultra-Low Temperatures

easyLab® Pcell15/30