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Diacell® HeliosDAC

Gas Membrane Driven High Temp. Optical/X-Ray Cell

[Formerly M7G]

Product Description

The Diacell® HeliosDAC has been designed specifically for the high-temperature range up to 1000 ºC.  It is suitable for both X-ray diffraction (2θ up to 50º) and optical work.  It has gas-membrane drive, which is particularly suitable for high temperature operation as it is easy to compensate for any pressure changes due to heating. On holding the sample at 1,000 ºC for several hours, the exterior of the cell reaches a little over 400 ºC.

In the Diacell® HeliosDAC, heat is delivered directly to the gasket using a compact resistive heater that generates about 80 W at the gasket.  With this design it is possible to generate heat within the smallest space around the anvils.  This in turn avoids use of exotic construction materials and makes high temperature operation of the cell more reliable.

In high temperature operation using resistive heating it is essential to flush the interior of the cell, and all exposed faces of the diamond anvils, with a mildly reducing gas such as the commercially-available argon - 2% hydrogen mixture.  This protects both the anvils and the interior of the cell from tarnishing.


There is an increasing demand for DACs that will operate at high temperatures.  It is generally agreed that above about 1,000 ºC the only realistic option is laser heating. Such installations are complex and expensive. However, for temperatures of up to 1,000 ºC resistive heating is attractive as it is relatively simple.  Therefore, the Diacell® HeliosDAC is perfect for such application.

Two videos concerning the HeliosDAC are available on  Almax easyLab's YouTube channel.  The video for disassembling the heater may be found by clicking here.  Similarly, the complementing video showing the re-assembling may be found here.


Cell Material Stainless Steel AISI 440C
Anvil Support Plate Tungsten Carbide
Pressure Mechanism Gas membrane drive
Maximum Pressure 100 GPa
Temperature Range High Temperatures
Top Angle X-Ray: conical 50º
Bottom Angle X-Ray: conical 50º
Lateral Access None
Heating Single internal gasket heater
Cooling N/A
DAC Diameter 56 mm
DAC Height 47 mm
Working Distance to Sample 16 mm
Numerical Aperture 0.42
Interfacing Solution TBC

Maximum pressure is dependent upon the culet size of the anvils.
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Diacell® HeliosDAC