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Diacell® PT-DAC System

Turn-key fully integrated low temperature cryostat and diamond anvil cell system.

Product Description

Almax easyLab, in collaboration with Janis Research Company Inc. (Janis), developed a turn-key integrated solution for researchers seeking to perform high pressure experiments at low temperatures. 

By combining and fully integrating the Diacell® OmniDAC-LT diamond anvil cell (DAC) with a pulse-tube-based Janis Model PTSHI-950-5 top-loading optical cryostat researchers have a turn-key platform in which to carry out optical and scattering experiments up to above 100 GPa and down to temperatures of the order of 5 K.

The DAC sits in the sample tube of the cryostat, where it is cooled (via exchange gas) by a Sumitomo SRP-062B two-stage pulse-tube cold head with 0.5 W cooling at 4.2 K at the second stage.  Optical access is through fused silica windows (other materials available upon request).  Low vibration levels are achieved by vibration isolation braids between the first and second stages of the pulse-tube cooler and the cryostat body.

The system has a small footprint.  The overall dimensions are just 0.4 m diameter by 1.0 m height approximately.   The water-cooled compressor comes with a full charge of high-purity helium gas.  The power requirements are 7.5 kW, either 200 VAC 60 Hz or 380 - 415 VAC 50 Hz, 3-phase. The water cooling requirements are 6.8-9l/min @ 5-25°C @ 8 bar maximum.

If you would like to discuss this system in more detail, please contact us.


This versatile low temperature and high pressure platform may be used for a variety of research techniques, including (but not limited to) spectroscopy, scattering, transport, and magnetic measurements.


Cryostat Janis Model PTSHI-950-5
Diamond Anvil Cell Diacell® OmniDAC-LT
Pressure Mechanism Gas Membrane
Maximum Pressure 100 GPa
Temperature Range Low Temperatures
Top Angle X-Ray: conical 50º
Bottom Angle X-Ray: conical 50º
Lateral Access 16° of 2θ is accessible
Cooling Via Cryostat
DAC Diameter 51 mm
DAC Height 35 mm

Maximum pressure is dependent upon the culet size of the anvils.
Almax easyLab is committed to its policy of continuous improvement.
Specifications may change without notice.
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Diacell® PT-DAC System