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Optiprexx High Pressure Manager

The Optiprexx High Pressure Manager is a software program based on the National Instruments's LabVIEW.  It enables the simultaneous control of any Optiprexx ruby manometry system as well as the Diacell® iGM Controller.

There are three possible modes of operation.  The user can either:

- operate just the ruby fluorescence system, such as the Optiprexx PLS; or

- control just the iGM Controller; or

- and, most important of all, control an Optiprexx ruby fluorescence system AND the iGM Controller at the same time.

This last mode is particularly useful as the user can operate the gas membrane diamond anvil cell, adjust its in-situ pressure and then calibrate it via ruby manometry simultaneously. A feedback loop can be formed enabling precise pressure runs at the touch of a button.

A video tutorial demonstration of the Optiprexx High Pressure Manager is available on Almax easyLab's YouTube channel.

Please note that since the Optiprexx fluorescence systems are based on a Ocean Optics HR4000 spectrometer, it is also possible to use the Optiprexx High Pressure Manager to operate one's own homemade ruby system, if this is also based on the same spectrometer. Similarly, as the Diacell® iGM Controller is based on the GE Pace 5000, one can also control one's own system, if they already have that in place.

Laptop is not included - this is for illustration only.