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Optiprexx PLS

Advanced photoluminescence system aimed at ultra-high pressure ruby manometry

Product Description

The Optiprexx PLS is a stand-alone turnkey system that performs ruby photoluminescence measurements enabling the determination of the in-situ pressure in diamond anvil cells.  The system includes either a green laser (532 nm @ 50 mW) or a blue laser (450 nm @ 40 mW), spectrometer, transfer optics, optical observation stage, XYZ positioning stage and advanced data acquisition software. When measuring pressure above 50 GPa, we recommend to select the Optiprexx PLS – Blue Laser option to maximise the excitation of the Ruby and optimise the fluorescence signal.

The Optiprexx PLS is extremely easy to use and is very compact, with the smallest possible footprint.  The system connects to a computer (not supplied) equipped with an USB port to carry out the measurements. 

The system includes our advanced control and acquisition software the Optiprexx High Pressure Manager.  A video tutorial demonstration of which is available on Almax easyLab's YouTube channel.


The Optiprexx PLS is used for ruby fluorescence manometry in diamond anvil cells.  The system can provide an accuracy of +- 0.1 GPa or better on ruby fluorescence pressure determination.  The software enables full spectrometer control, data acquisition and automatic or manual pressure determination.


Optiprexx PLS - Variable V Blocks for DACs



1 GPa | 10 GPa | 100 GPa | 100+ GPa | 3.0 GPa | 30 GPa | 50 GPa
Room Temperature