X-ray At the forefront of x-ray diffraction at high pressures.

Which DAC is right for your x-ray diffraction experiments?

Low TemperaturesRoom TemperatureHigh Temperatures
High Pressures (<30GPa)

TozerDAC X-ray (S, W, 20)

Bragg-Mini (S, 20, W)

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Very High to Ultra High Pressures (>90GPa)

Bragg-LT(S) (S, 90, B)
Bragg-LT(S)Plus (S, 90, W)
Bragg-LT(G) (G, 90, B)
Bragg-LT(G)Plus (G, 90, W)

Bragg-(S) (S, 90, B)
Bragg-(S)Plus (S, 90, B)
Bragg-(G) (G, 90, W)
Bragg-(G)Plus (G, 90, W) PanoramicDAC (G, 90, W)
Almax* PlateDAC (GB, 100, W)

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(S/G/GB, B/W, Pmax): S=Screw driven, G=Gas membrane, GB=Gearbox. B/W=Beryllium or Conical Tungsten Carbide seats.
Pmax depends on the anvil culet size and is an indicative value only.
*R. Boehler, Rev. Sci. Instr. 77. 115103, (2006)

Diacell® Bragg-(G) & Bragg-(G)Plus
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Diacell® Bragg-(S) & Bragg-(S)Plus
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Diacell® Bragg-LT(G) & Bragg-LT(G)Plus
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Diacell® Bragg-LT(S) & Bragg-LT(S)Plus
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Diacell® Diaclamp
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Diacell® HeliosDAC
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Diacell® OmniDAC-LT
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Diacell® PanoramicDAC
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Diacell® TozerDAC-Xray
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