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At Almax easylab, we repair your damaged diamond anvils.
How much we polish away depends on the damage (because of microcracks it is not possible to predict how much material we need to remove to clean the culet) or on the request of the customer. Sometimes customers want to receive a different anvil height.
If we can not repair the anvil, you will not be charged for any preparatory polishing work. No cure, no pay!
The maximum turnaround time for your repairs is 3 working weeks.
When sending diamond anvils to us from outside of Europe:

Describe the goods that you ship to us for repair as “diamond tools”. This in order to avoid a nasty customs administration for the import of diamonds. Please ship the anvils as “diamond tools” (customs code 8207.9010.00). If possible, declare a low value for the goods (should be less than 125 USD), so no extra customs duties will need to be paid. Mention on your airwaybill that taxes and duties are too be paid by the sender (one never knows...). Mind that temporary import is very expensive, and that - if you stick to the beforementioned comments - a definitive import is the cheapest way to ship your repairs to us. Please always include an instruction paper with your damaged diamond anvils.

Examples of typical requests for quote:

Repair of diamond anvil, standard design, 16-sided, culet of 0.30 mm:

Quantity: 4 anvils.

Repair of diamond anvil, Boehler-Almax design, 16-sided, culet of 0.15 mm, bevels up to 0.30 mm at 8°:

Quantity: 6 anvils.