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Type IIas Standard design
All type IIas anvils are Raman ultra-low fluorescence and ultra-low birefringence, (100)-oriented. Thick girdle and large table to withstand the hightest pressures.
All dimensions are exact and consistent.
Optimum mechanical strength.


Type IIas – Standard design – (100)-oriented
in mm
2.50 0.09 P01935
2.75 0.12 P01936
3.00 0.19 P01937
3.25 0.21 P01938
3.50 0.26 P01939
3.75 0.32 P01940 - check availability
4.00 0.33 P01941 - check availability

Note: Standard design anvils are made from rough diamonds. They are polished according to the (100)-crystal orientation for the highest strength.

FT-IR Spectrum

Culet size and modification

Choose culet size as a function of:

maximum pressure

culet size

< 5 GPa

> 1.00 mm

5 – 100 GPa

1.00 mm – 0.20 mm

> 100 GPa

<0.20 mm, bevels up to 0.30 mm at 8°

Note: Typical sample space is given by the gasket thickness (typically 0.10 mm or less) and the central hole diameter (typically 30-50% culet size)
Note: single and double bevels are recommended for very high pressure and electrical measurements.
Note: single bevels around the culet ease the cleaning of the culet and reduce the risk of damage during alignment.
Examples of typical requests for quote:

Diamond anvil, type IIas, Standard design, 16-sided, 3.00 mm, culet of 0.10 mm, bevels up to 0.30 at 8°, (100)-oriented:

Article nr.:P01937
Quantity: 6 anvils.

Diamond anvil, type IIas, Standard design, 16-sided, 3.50 mm, culet of 0.30 mm, (100)-oriented:

Article nr.:P01939
Quantity: 4 anvils.