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Type IIas windows and plates
We manufacture diamond windows, plates and ATR (attenuated total reflection) for different applications in high pressure. We also supply to OEM manufacturers.

We also provide service to the CVD diamond growth scientists. At Almax easyLab we prepare HPHT & CVD diamond substrates for CVD diamond growth experiments as well as lasercut and polish as grown freestanding CVD diamonds for prototype work.


Type IIas – (100)-oriented
in mm
Window or plate
X ranges from 0.50 up to 3.50 mm
H ranges from 0.01 up to 1.00 mm
Type IIas Window - Plate
FT-IR Spectrum

Examples of typical requests for quote:

Diamond window, type IIas, 2.00 mm, thickness of 0.20 mm:
Quantity: 2 windows