30 January 2017

University of Silesia, Poland

Said Kamila Wolnica: "On 18-19.01 the Company Almax EasyLab established in Belgium, in response to our invitation, organized the training of high pressure equipment in the research center of the University of Silesia in Poland. At that time, Mr. Christophe, R&D engineer, in an understandable way and with a large dose of patience explained to the young members of the research team, who are just beginning their adventure with experiment ...read more

12 March 2011

University of Hamburg

The gas-membrane-driven DAC for spectroscopic measurements Diacell μScopeDAC-RT(G) shows excellent performance. The small thickness of the cell allows us to use high-magnification objectives. It is very easy to replace and align the diamond anvils. The pressure-control mechanism is very good and a gradual, small-step pressure increase is easily achieved. I want to underline the great support we obtained from the company in training us how to u ...read more

12 March 2011

University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

"One month after the installation of the easyLab Mcell 10 high-pressure cell module in our lab we have carried out many successful high-pressure experiments. The cells are easy to use and I am sure will make very popular the utilization of high-pressure techniques in many labs of solid state and materials chemistry. Moreover, the service received from easyLab during the installation and training is very professional, and they solved any d ...read more

12 January 2011

University of Augsburg

Boehler μDriller The electro-discharge-machine (EDM) system produced by the High Pressure Group at the University of Mainz (Dr. R. Boehler) was extensively used in our group for drilling DAC gaskets in the last three years. Using the tungsten carbide rods of various diameters (70 - 500 μm) we were able to drill holes in pre-indented gaskets. Different kinds of gasket materials (stainless steel, copper and copper-beryllium alloys) were ...read more

10 May 2006

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

After the installation of a Diacell LeverDAC Maxi at the IIT of Kharagpur (India), host Assistant Professor Dr Amreesh Chandra had the following to say: "I must thank you for deputing a fantastic engineer [Dr. Nishad Phatak] for training us. He was extremely helpful". ...read more

01 May 2011

UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Indore, India

"We thank Dr. Christophe Thessieu and Dr. Srinivas Kulkarni for the installation of the easyCell 30-High Pressure Cell at CSR, Indore and for providing us with training on the equipment. I am particularly impressed with Dr. Christophe's training during which he explained to our research group the basics of loading and unloading this type of pressure cells, flagging the pitfalls as well at the tricks to make a successful high pressure ...read more