08 March 2016
The next generation of diamond anvil cells is here: Diacell® ChicagoDAC

The Diacell® ChicagoDAC is a completely new compact bellows-driven diamond anvil cell for high-pressure, low-temperature transport measurements.  Developed in full collaboration with the group of Prof. Rosenbaum - then at the University of Chicago; now at Caltech - the ChicagoDAC is optimized for use in the Quantum Design PPMS platform, but it can be equally adapted to fit inside the bores of high-field superconducting magnets in helium-4 cryostats (with or without liquid helium), helium-3 cryostats, and dilution refrigerators.

The Diacell® ChicagoDAC is made of non-magnetic silicon aluminium bronze and provides in situ pressure tuning and measurement by means of a helium-filled bellows actuator and fiber-coupled ruby fluorescence spectroscopy, respectively. 

An insert is available to accommodate the gas coupling to the bellows and the necessary optics for ruby fluorescence manometry. 

Having the ChicagoDAC equipped with our new development of patterned diamond anvils enables seamless transport measurements at the extreme conditions of high-magnetic-fields, high-pressures and low-temperatures.

You can read more about the ChicagoDAC here.