05 January 2017
Now available from Almax easyLab: type IIas diamond anvils, for infrared and/or very demanding Raman spectroscopy.

Almax easyLab are pleased to announce that we are now able to supply type IIas diamond anvils.  These type IIas diamonds are synthetically made via high temperature and high pressure (HPHT) methods.  They are virtually nitrogen-free, with less than 1ppm nitrogen content and white in colour.

Type IIas diamond anvils are also characterised by their ultra-low birefringence and Raman ultra-low fluorescence.  In fact, they are far superior in these specifications than their type IIac (grown by chemical vapour deposition) or natural type Ia counterparts.  Whereas the typical Raman ultra-low fluorescence diamond displays an intensity of the two-phonon Raman transition at 2664cm-1 of at least 2 times the intensity of the background fluorescence, for type IIas diamonds this same ratio is of at least 5 times.

Therefore, type IIas diamond anvils are ideal for the most demanding type of measurements and suitable for any experimental technique required, from infrared to Raman spectroscopy and from Mössbauer to x-ray scattering.
We can supply type IIas diamond anvils in the following designs and cuts:
- Boehler-Almax design;
- Diacell design;
- Standard design, as well as
- plates and windows.   
It is important to emphasize there are no restrictions in the height of type IIas diamond anvils, unlike for type IIac versions that are limited to 1.9mm height.  As such, type IIas anvils can be made without compromises to their overall dimensions. Please note, however, that some sizes and configurations of type IIas anvils have some restricted availability.  Please check with us for prices and availability.